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Shampoo originated from Bengal in the mid-17th century and was brought into England in the 19th century. Since that time the use of shampoo for cleaning hair has become main stream in most of the westernised world. Most modern shampoos contain a high level of sulphates, being either Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate.

Sulphates are used in most brands of shampoos because they are cheap and highly effective in removing oils and grease. Sulphates are also used in engine degreasers and floor cleaning products to a similar effect.

The sulphates in shampoo can cause skin problems for some users but the most concerning thing that we see with sulphates is just how much of it goes back into our environment. We know that sulphates we use will end up in our natural environment through our water system. This might not sound alarming with the amount that you may use, however combined with all other people doing the same thing, the volume of sulphate contamination is concerning.

The average Australian will use 250mls of shampoo every 6 weeks. With around 15% of the product being a sulphate, this equates to 640mls per year of sulphates going down your drain. This calculates to 7,417,500 litres of sulphate that we allow into our environment every year, just by shampooing our hair.

What can be done?

In the past sulphates in shampoos has been a necessary evil as other alternatives have simply not worked. This has now changed. Our new range of shampoo, Tricho-Active Evolution Series works very well with no sulphates and it is infused with herbal botanicals to enhance your hair quality.

Talk to one of our consultants today about which of the products from the Ashley and Martin Tricho-Active range that would be most suitable for you.