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Medical Treatment

Medical options for hair loss conditions will need to be considered if the LaserPro Plus option is not suitable or it has not given you the desired results.

If your condition is of a genetic nature then the medical treatment options will need to be long term for you to maintain results.

Stimulating hair follicle

Prescription medication, this will be compounded by our pharmacists. A topical medication, which is designed to open up the potassium channels of each hair follicle cell. This will stimulate the existing cells to work better and proliferate. This results in each hair strand to thicken, grow faster and longer. It will also stimulate the existing hair follicles in a dormant period (Telogen Phase) back to a growth phase (Anagen Phase)

Androgen blockers

An Androgen blocker is designed to control the hormones associated with female pattern hair loss – FPH androgenetic alopecia (androgeneric alopecia). Androgen hormones trigger this condition with your genetic make-up being the underlining cause. By controlling your androgens we can halt and reverse the genetic condition. As we can’t change your genetics, ongoing treatment will be needed to maintain results.